Mollie Tibbetts: Missing student’s dad says she’s ‘very spiritual’ and believes in the power of prayer

The father of an Iowa woman who disappeared last month near her home is speaking out about the role faith played in her life.

In an interview with Fox News, Ron Tibbetts said his daughter, 20-year-old University of Iowa student Mollie, is “very spiritual, and so is her bother Scott,” explaining that his family has taken comfort in that knowledge over the past several painful weeks.

He expressed appreciation for the widespread expressions of thought and prayer from those following the case.

“There’s sort of a collective force in the country right now,” the father said. “There’s a will to bring Mollie back and I subscribe to that.”

Ron Tibbetts said he believes there is “real power in the ability to pull Mollie back from wherever she is” and expressed a desire that “everybody pray and everybody think positive thoughts.”

As CrimeOnline has previously reported, Mollie Tibbetss was last seen jogging in the small central-Iowa town of Brooklyn.

Her brother, Scott, told Fox News more about the missing woman’s faith, explaining that she attended her church youth group weekly and “would even go with our grandma to church.”

The athlete spoke to a youth group in a video clip that has been shared online since her disappearance. She explained that it was only after she learned to pray that she was able to conquer the fear associated with a major track and field competition.

That event turned out to be her best time of the season, she revealed.

Officials have announced an increased reward for information leading to her recovery. Crime Stoppers said the $331,000 combined reward is the highest amount it has ever raised for a crime in the state.

[Featured image: Mollie Tibbetts, family handout]