Body washes up in Myrtle Beach as tourists watch in horror [VIDEO]

The body of a male washed up on Myrtle Beach Monday morning, reports local station WRDR.

Vacationers in the popular tourist spot reportedly witnessed as an unknown person first spotted the man in the surf, and rescuers came and pulled the body from the water.

“We saw the whole thing, it was so sad,” a woman reportedly said as she was leaving the area, according to Myrtle Beach Online.

The news outlet reports that authorities have since identified that deceased man as Robert Thomas Kiddy, 71, of Springfield, Virginia. Kiddy reportedly has a condo in the Myrtle Beach area and visits during the summers.

Authorities have not yet determined a cause of death, though an autopsy was reportedly completed on Tuesday. Because of a “significant medical condition,” additional testing is required and it may take up to 12 weeks to determine the cause of death, Myrtle Beach Online reports.