Naked Waffle House Killer allegedly leaves 4 dead, goes on the run, and swears star Taylor Swift is stalking HIM! Will he avoid trial due to ‘mental incompetence’?

Authorities in Tennessee say the man who was nearly naked when he executed a mass shooting at a Nashville-area Waffle House might not stand trial due to mental incompetence.

According to the New York Post, officials announced the results of their evaluation of suspect Travis Reinking, who is accused of opening fire on customers and staff at the Antioch restaurant in April.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Reinking has been associated with bizarre behavior in the past, including his claim that pop star Taylor Swift had been stalking him and even stole his Netflix password.

Relatives of victims began sharing news of the report on social media after they were informed that a motion had been filed on Reinking’s behalf to have him placed in a mental care facility instead of face trial.

In at least two separate lawsuits against the suspect and his father, victims’ family members argue that Jeffrey Reinking should not have given his son access to the rifle used in the attack.

Prior to the start of an investigation that spanned months, Reinking told reporters that he planned to represent himself in what he believed to be an upcoming murder trial.

“I’m perfectly healthy,” he told WTFV, adding that he “didn’t like” his previous legal representation.

Following those statements, he consented to being represented in court by a public defense attorney. That lawyer subsequently ordered the mental evaluation resulting in this week’s report.

As part of the findings, reports indicate Reinking is set to appear in court for a competency hearing later this month.

[Featured images: Travis Reinking, Metro Nashville Police Department/Taylor Swift, XPX/STAR MAX/IPx via Associated Press]