Missing teen’s boyfriend facing 22 counts of fraud and ID theft after refusing lie-detector test in her disappearance

While authorities continue to search for 19-year-old Kiera Bergman weeks after she was last seen leaving her Phoenix, Arizona, workplace, her boyfriend was reportedly arrested on nearly two dozen charges related to identity theft and forgery.

As of the latest updates available, investigators did not believe the alleged crimes had anything to do with what is being described as the “suspicious” circumstances of woman’s disappearance.

According to the Huffington Post, Clark was questioned by police regarding the disappearance but has not been identified as a person of interest. He declined a police request that he submit to a lie-detector test.

According to ABC News, 23-year-old Jon Christopher Clark was arrested earlier this week after authorities searched his car. He was reportedly the last person known to have been seen with her before she was reported missing on August 4.

Authorities indicate he picked her up at the furniture store where she worked on the day of her disappearance, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

More than a week later, detectives reportedly obtained a search warrant for his vehicle.

Upon executing that warrant, police reports indicate officers located “numerous items with personal identifying information of others, as well as items of forgery were located.”

Police reports indicate Clark was arrested on Friday and is expected to face a total of 22 criminal counts.

Clark claimed at the time that the couple had a spat that day and Bergman stormed out of their apartment, leaving her purse, car and other personal belongings behind.

Her mother said Bergman seemed out of sorts during their last conversation a few days before she disappeared.

“Once she moved out here, I noticed just a lot of that was kind of changing,” Kiersten Bragg said. “I do know that they did fight a lot and I do feel like the pressure of that relationship had a lot to do with her feeling … she didn’t seem as happy as she was before.”

[Featured image: Jon Clark, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office/Kiera Bergman, GoFundMe]