Shanann Watts’ brother pens emotional open letter, reveals she ‘beat all odds’ to conceive 3rd child before brutal murder

The pregnant Colorado woman killed along with her two young daughters had defied the odds in conceiving a third child, according to new reports about the case.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Chris Watts, 33, is accused of murdering 34-year-old Shanann Watts and their two toddlers earlier this month. The victims’ bodies were reportedly later discovered at the suspect’s former workplace.

A Facebook post by Shanann Watts’ younger brother detailed the rocky road she took in pursuit of another child.

According to Fox News, Frankie Rzucek wrote that she suffered from the autoimmune disease lupus and struggled to conceive.

“No matter if her lupus was acting up or if she was pregnant, nothing stoped [sic] her from doing what needed to be done,” he wrote. “She was very successful and driven.”

Rzucek went on to share the reaction of relatives upon learning she was pregnant with what she later revealed was a boy to be named Niko.

“When our family found out she beat all the odds and become pregnant I can’t even explain our excitement,” the post read.

The grieving brother applauded his sister’s commitment to parenting and love for her kids.

“I was exhausted by just watching my sister,” he wrote. “She made being a parent look easy.”

He later said his “sister and nieces meant the absolute world” to him, directing anger at the suspect, who he said “treated them like they were trash.”

A suspected motive in the killings has not been announced. Authorities are expected to release an affidavit on Monday with additional details about the status of the investigation.

[Featured image: Facebook]