Tuesday Crime Stories: Chandra Levy’s mom says DC prosecutors refuse to help her

The mother of Chandra Levy, the Washington intern found murdered in a DC park a year after she disappeared in May 2001, sat down with Crime Stories’ Nancy Grace to discuss a possible new act being sought that would allow outside agencies to help law enforcement solve cold cases. Susan Levy says Chandra’s pants and other items were left outside for years after her murder at Rock Creek Park many people touched the evidence and contaminated it. Cold Case Research Institute Director Sheryl McCollum joined the discussion for this episode, noting that new touch DNA technology could help solve the case. Prosecutors however are reportedly not willing to spend funds to use the latest crime-solving technology, such as touch DNA or the M-Vac system, to help solve Chandra’s case. Susan said when she asked prosecutors in Washington, D.C., to retest the evidence in Chandra’s case, they told her “it’s all been done.”

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