[VIDEO] Chris Watts discusses harm of infidelity on marriages in presentation 6 years before allegedly killing wife and daughters

About six years before authorities say he killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters, Chris Watts delivered a presentation regarding the restoration of deteriorating relationships.

According to the New York Times, he cited infidelity among the reasons relationships can fail.

As CrimeOnline has previously reported, some sources indicate Shanann Watts suspected her husband of cheating on her prior to her death earlier this month.

Investigators believe the suspect “was actively involved in an affair with a co-worker” when he told his wife he wanted a separation on August 13.

He appeared to reference interoffice infidelity in his presentation, as reported by KDVR.

“Even at the job,” Chris Watts said. “You might meet a new person and could strengthen into something else and could weaken the bond you have with the partner you have.”

The 2012 PowerPoint presentation was uploaded to YouTube and came to light after his arrest on suspicion of the first-degree murder of his wife and their two toddler girls, among other related charges.

Chris Watts indicated in the video that he had been taking the course on “Relationship Deterioration and Repair” in preparation for sharing the information in the slideshow. The video was recorded about six months before he married Shanann Watts.

“Sometimes you find your partner no longer attractive physically or in their personality,” he said. “When you are in a relationship you have to show desire, lust toward your partner.”

Going on to describe a stagnating marriage, he said that “the lust and the desire kind of fall by the wayside a little bit.”

He discussed feelings of desire, saying that “you feel that you might be better with someone else that you’ve met,” suggesting that having a child could help restore the relationship.

[Featured image: YouTube, video screenshot]