SEE IT: Myrtle Beach tourist discovers chilling photo of Shanann Watts days before pregnant mom was allegedly murdered by her husband

A woman who met Shanann Watts and her family while on vacation in Myrtle Beach this summer spotted the woman in her photographs after learning that her husband, Chris Watts, is under suspicion of murdering her own family.

Michele Greer told CBS 17 that she met Shanann and her family earlier this month while both families were in line for a ride at the park. She said that Shanann struck up a conversation, and spoke about her pregnancy, saying that she hoped it was a boy.

“We just started talking about our kids,” said Greer. “She said, ‘This pregnancy is just like my first two pregnancies. It’s probably another girl.’ I said ‘No, maybe not.”

The friendly mothers said goodbye when it was time for Shanann’s daughters to get on the ride.

“The last thing I told her was, ‘Good luck to you.’ That was it,” Greer said.

Greer told the news station that she did not speak to Chris Watts at all, though he was reportedly present.

Eleven days after the meeting, Greer heard about the pregnant mother murdered with her daughters, and immediately recognized Shanann.

“As soon as my husband got home I said, ‘I think this is the couple we met at Myrtle Beach.’ He said, ‘No, I’m 100 percent positive this is the family,'” Greer told the news station.

After searching through her phone for photos of that day, Greer found that she had captured Shanann and her little girls, as the mom was taking photos and videos herself of her daughters.

Greer gave the photos to the news station. Some show Shanann and her father, while others show Bella jumping on the bungee trampoline.

Greer told CBS 17 that she does not believe Chris Watts’s reported claimed that he strangled Shanann in a rage after he found her strangling their daughters.

“I’m sickened that a parent, a father, could do that to his children, and to his wife,” Greer said.