Driver shoots at women on road, says only men should drive & females should stick to having ‘male babies’: Cops

A Texas man who initially claimed self-defense after allegedly shooting at a female driver, reportedly shot at several other women while driving because apparently he thinks only men should operate vehicles.

Star-Telegram reports that Nicholas D’Agostino, 29, is accused of shooting at at least three women while driving in Katy on separate instances. In one of the incidents, authorities charged him with with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. During a court appearance on Thursday, prosecutors provided what they feel the real motive behind the shootings were.

According to a probably cause statement, D’Agostino reportedly posted a sexist comment on Facebook, indicating that women should “should stay home and birth male babies.” He also allegedly wrote that female drivers were ““incompetent.”

The first charge against the suspect stems from a March incident, in which he reportedly shot and wounded a woman at a Shell gas station in Katy. The victim, who survived the ordeal, told authorities she heard a loud bang, then realized she had been shot in the arm. Authorities said D’Agostino shot the victim without provocation.

In the latest incident, D’Agostino allegedly shot a woman at a car wash on July 10, after he claimed she “the victim swerved in his lane twice,” according to ABc13. The bullet his the 39-year-old victim’s arm, lodging millimeters from her heart.

Another woman the suspect shot at in a separate incident was not injured. Authorities are now saying D’Agostino has shot at at least five different women.

D’Agostino spent six weeks behind bars on the first incident before bonded out at $750,00. He was arrested just three days later for the second ordeal. He remains behind bards on a $250,000 bond.

[Feature Photo: Nicholas D’Agostino/Police Handout]