Friend: Chris Watts seemed like ‘family man’ who ‘would die’ for his girls before his arrest for family’s murder

A close friend of the Watts family said he believed until recently that the man now accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters was devoted to the 3- and 4-year-old girls.

According to Inside Edition, Kris Landon was blindsided by the news that Chris Watts had been arrested on suspicion of strangling Shanann Watts and their daughters, Celeste and Bella.

“I believed until the other day that his entire life was those girls and that he would die for them,” Landon said.

Describing a man who appeared to be both a friend and faithful family man, Landon said that was Chris Watts’ “entire persona,” adding that he was always “talking about his wife and his girls.”

Landon, who has known the couple for about four years, said there was no apparent reason to suspect the accused killer was hiding anything.

“He’s just a very warm, personable person,” the family friend said. “He never seemed like someone with anything with anything to hide, because he is so good at looking you in the eye and talking to you.”

According to Landon, Chris Watts is “very gifted with words” and “knew what to say to make you like him and warm up to him.”

Some others close to the family said they realized something had changed, though.

An arrest warrant claims that Chris Watts had been having an extramarital affair with a colleague, as CrimeOnline has previously reported. Shanann Watts’ friend Amanda Thayer said the 34-year-old woman had her suspicions prior to her death.

“It came to her mind that possibly he could be cheating,” Thayer said.