Police tape

Cops find human corpse without head and hands inside missing man’s fish tank

Authorities in California say a missing man’s home contained a disturbing clue.

As KNTV reported, San Francisco police searched the home in the South of Market community after locals had reported resident Brian Egg had apparently disappeared.

When he had not been seen for several weeks, one neighbor called law enforcement to check in on his residence. That complainant said someone reported to have been living in the home while the owner was away on vacation.

Investigators released a startling new wrinkle in the case during a new conference on Tuesday.

While executing a search warrant inside the home, authorities say they found a human body, missing its head and hands, inside of a large aquarium.

Two individuals were arrested and later released earlier this month when one of them was seen near Egg’s home with a crime scene cleaning vehicle. Though they were free as of the latest reports available, the investigation remains ongoing and they potentially face criminal charges including homicide and identity theft.

The search spanned several days, according to officials and neighbors who described a string of police vehicles rotate through the neighborhood.

Philippe Dunbar said police remained a steady presence throughout the four-day period.

“Another cop car would pull up, the first one would pull away and the second one would pull into the same parking space,” the neighbor said. “So there was always a cop in this alley for a while.”

He described officials “going in and out with masks on” during the prolonged search.

[Featured image: Pixabay]