Parents leave little girl home alone for days to attend heavy metal concert in another state: Police

A Texas man and woman are behind bars and facing child neglect charges after police say they left their 11-year-old daughter home alone to travel cross-country to attend a concert in Detroit.

The Houston Chronicle reports that John Guerrero, 48, and Virginia Yearnd, 39, arrived back to home in Houston on Monday and were promptly arrested after they allegedly left the home last Wednesday for Detroit to attend a Thursday evening Godflesh concert. According to the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, the pair decided to leave their daughter behind alone, without obtaining an adult to watch over her.

On Thursday, the girl’s great aunt called police for a welfare check on the child. When they arrived at the little girl’s residence, they found her home alone. Officers attempted to call the parents numerous times but for hours, Guerrero and Yearnd didn’t answer their phones. When they finally reached Yearnd, she allegedly told authorities they were in Louisiana. She reportedly later confessed that she took a trip with Guerrero to Detroit, to see the heavy metal band.

Yearnd also claimed that she told her sister to stop by, but according to the child, no one came over. When police arrived at the home, the little girl was attempting to cook for herself.

According to Texas Penal Code § 22.041, it’s illegal to intentionally leave a child under the age of 15 without adult supervision in a situation that could cause harm.

Both suspects remain bars at the Harris County Jail without bond. Child Protective Services (CPS) is also investigating the incident.

[Feature Photo: John Guerrero and Virginia Yeard/Police Handout]