Dad shoves fingers down newborn’s throat, killing him for ‘crying too much’

A Missouri man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to shoving his fingers down his 9-week-old son’s throat, killing him.

St. Louis Dispatch reports that Robert James Burnette, 21, admitted that he he shoved his fingers down infant Jaxon Burnette’s throat because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Burnette claimed he was trying to find the baby’s voice box to stop Jaxon’s wails. Burnette also threw the infant on the bed and shook him violently. This incident occurred inside a Wentzville home off of the 100 block of St. Charles Street in late 2016.

Burnette took a plea deal on the day jury selection was set to begin. Prosecutors initially charged him with two additional counts of child abuse, but with the plea agreement, Burnette was only charged with one felony count of child abuse resulting in death.

Robert Burnette and Megan Hendricks [Police Handout]
The baby’s mother, Megan Hendricks, 21, is accused of witnessing Burnette abuse the infant but failing to seek medical help. Police said she lied while being questioned about the incident and failed to show emotion about Jaxon’s injuries. Her trial is scheduled for next month.

Court documents indicate Burnette has a history of violence and witnessed it first-hand while growing up. He claimed his saw his parents beat, stab, and try to smother his brother while growing up. Burnette has been in and out of mental health facilities for a number of mental disorders and anger issues.

Tim Lohmar, a St. Charles County prosecutor, plans to seek a 30-year prison sentence for Burnette. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 29.

[Feature Photo: Jaxon Burnette/”Justice for Jaxon” Facebook]