Man kills sister and her boyfriend, stuffs them in trash bags and dumps them in a shed before fleeing state: Cops

Authorities in Ohio say they arrested the man they believe killed his sister and her boyfriend earlier this month in Michigan.

According to Fox News, the U.S. Marshals Service was in charge of the arrest at a library in Hamilton County, Ohio, this week.

Robert Marzejka is now expected to face murder charges related to the homicide of Danielle Marzejka and Seren Bryan in Clinton Township, Michigan.

According to police reports, Marzejka was apprehended on Wednesday after a search that spanned several days. He is accused of killing the victims and wrapping their remains in trash bags before storing them in a family-owned shed.

Court reports out of Macomb County indicate that a party petitioned the court in 2015 to have the suspect committed to a mental health facility. At some point, however, it was either withdrawn or dismissed.

The victims had been missing for a couple of days before relatives began to ask the public for help via social media.

Another one of the victim’s brothers reported a strange smell emanating from inside the structure. The man explored further and found bags inside that contained human remains.

As of the latest reports available, it was unclear how the man and woman died.

The suspect lived in the Detroit area, not at the location where the bodies were found. Both victims lived with relatives there.

Robert Marzejka remained in custody at the Hamilton County Jail as authorities in Ohio arranged to extradite him to Michigan.

[Featured image: Robert Marzejka Jr., Hamilton County Jail]