Man walks into police station, says he beheaded girlfriend and put her dismembered body parts out with the trash: Report

A New York man walked into a Manhattan police precinct this week and reportedly confessed to chopping his girlfriend’s head off — four years ago.

The New York Post reports that Ricky Gonzalez, 34, went to a precinct in TriBeCa and allegedly told officers there that he had killed and dismembered his girlfriend in 2014.

The presumed victim, 58-year-old Maria Quinones, was reported missing in September of that year. Her sister made the report, and said at the time that she hadn’t seen her sister in several months, since March 2014.

According to documents obtained by the New York Post, Gonzalez told police that he stabbed Maria in the chest after following her into the bathroom in the apartment they shared on Wilson Avenue in Bushwick.

He then allegedly stuffed her body in the bathtub and used a butcher knife and cut off her, heads hands and feet; he also chopped her torso into two pieces.

After that, he reportedly said he put her body parts into trash bags and left them out for garbage collection. According to News 12 Westchester, Quinones’s body was never found.

A motive for the apparent murder is not yet known. The suspect and the victim reportedly met in a drug treatment center.

Gonzalez, who now lives in Beacon, was arraigned on Thursday and is due for another court date on Friday.