3rd strike: Officer finally arrests combative truck driver after two previous stops just minutes earlier, cops say

A motorist with an unsecured heap of rubbish in the bed of his pickup truck had two chances to exit the situation without a visit to jail, police in Massachusetts say.

According to WCVB, a state trooper patrolling in the Revere area spotted the vehicle suspected of operating illegally and initiated a traffic stop on Friday morning along Route 1.

Reports indicate Tah Yem stopped 32-year-old Joshua Thomson’s vehicle the first time at about 10:30 a.m.

A photograph released by the Massachusetts State Police revealed a variety of odds and ends, including a precariously placed water tank, inside of the truck’s open bed.

The Saugus resident was initially given citations for the carrying the unsecured load as well as another moving violation.

From there, the driver appeared to secure his load at a nearby location, but soon allegedly walked into the road and began filming the trooper with his phone.

“Trooper Yem ordered him to get back in his vehicle numerous times,” a police report alleges. “Eventually, Thomson got back in his truck, but not before leveling insults at the trooper.”

As he drove away, the suspect allegedly continued filming the trooper by holding his cellphone out of the truck’s window.

Reports indicate he was weaving in the road while traveling 30 miles under the posted 55 mph speed limit and Yem initiated a second traffic stop.

“Thomson exited his vehicle, irate and yelling insults and, this time, physical threats at the trooper,” the agency reported. “Trooper Yem repeatedly ordered Thomson to get back in his vehicle and leave, and eventually, Thomson complied.”

Yem continued to travel behind the truck and pulled Thomson over again after reportedly witnessing him make an illegal left turn.

At that point, he was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and failure to stop for a police. As he was booked into custody, reports indicate he continued to threaten the trooper.

[Featured image: Massachusetts State Police]