Ex-deputy attempts to solicit oral sex from woman he arrested for DUI, promises to have charges dropped: Cops

Authorities in Georgia say a Monroe County law enforcement officer attempted to solicit sex from the same woman he had previously arrested following a traffic stop.

According to the New York Post, Bill Miller has since been arrested and is facing charges including a felony count of violating his oath of office.

Police reports allege the victim, Ashlie Roberts, was stopped and subsequently arrested when Miller pulled her over earlier this year.

The deputy went on to arrest the woman on suspicion of methamphetamine possession and driving under the influence.

Roberts said she was propositioned for oral sex by the suspect weeks later when he gave her a ride in his pickup truck.

She said he drove her down a dirt road before requesting the sex act and presented an audio recording she says reveals the criminal behavior.

He was booked into jail on Thursday following an investigation that included state and federal investigative agencies.

As part of his effort to convince her to submit to the request, Miller is allegedly heard telling her that he could have her case dismissed.

She did not comply with the solicitation and presented the recording to authorities.


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[Featured image: Bill Miller, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office]