Suspects sell heroin out of drive-thru window in their mobile home until overdoses in the area spike: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a couple built a drive-up window into their mobile home in order to serve the customers of their illegal narcotics business.

According to the New York Post, the suspects, 32-year-old William Parrish Jr. and 20-year-old McKenzee Dobbs, set up shop in Ocala, Florida, until their residence was raided last month amid increased drug overdoses near the home, Ocala Police Capt. Steven Cuppy said.

“We were seeing some overdose incidents that were happening in this particular area, specifically at this particular location,” he explained. “There [were] some heroin sales that were going on there.”

Among the evidence investigators say they recovered was a traffic sign indicating where buyers should drive for service as well as a sign designating that the business was open.

Upon collecting the substance police say was being sold from the drive-thru window, Cuppy said authorities were “able to determine that product was laced with fentanyl.”

Parrish is expected to face charges including driving under the influence, resisting arrest and multiple drug-related counts.

His father said he was “trying to get himself straightened out,” going on to dispute reports about the drug overdoses in the area.

Reports indicate Dobbs faces charges related to drug possession and distribution.

[Featured image: William Parrish Jr. and McKenzee Dobbs, Marion County Sheriff’s Office]