Disabled infant dies after nurse dunks her in scalding bath

Authorities in New York say a longtime nurse admitted that she put a disabled infant in her care into a scalding bath, resulting in fatal injuries.

According to the New York Post, 58-year-old Oluyemisi Adebayo pleaded guilty to attempted assault in exchange for a recommended four-year prison sentence.

“Did you place the baby in the hot water?” asked Judge Richard Buchter.

“Yes,” Adebayo replied.

She will appear in court again later this month, at which time she will be sentenced. Earlier charges included second-degree murder and a conviction could have resulted in a life sentence.

The incident occurred in April 2015 at the victim’s Rosedale home.

Naomi Mondesire, who was just one month shy of her second birthday, died days later from injuries related to her extensive burns.

She had been born premature and continued to suffer from developmental issues, according to reports.

Adebayo was arrested a short time in an effort to fly to Africa and has been behind bars since. She will receive credit for the time she has already served.

The victim’s mother filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against both the former nurse and Harry’s Nursing, the agency for which she worked at the time. Reports indicate Cythia Mondesire has settled the suit, though the payout remained pending as of this writing.

A lawyer representing Mondesire described Abeday as “a monster” responsible for creating the horrific scene.

“The baby just melts in the bathtub,” said Eric Shaevitz. “It’s tragic.”

He went on to assert that Adebayo “has gotten away with murder,” alleging that she has a “record of child abuse” and that “the company hadn’t vetted her at all.”

[Featured image: Naomi Mondesire, Facebook]