REVEALED: Confidential court docs detail violence, neglect & abuse of slain tot boy Jordan Belliveau

Recently-revealed court documents in connection with slain toddler Jordan Belliveau revealed grim details of what he endured during his young life. The boy’s mother is currently behind bars in connection with his death.

According to court documents provided by Florida Department of Children Families (DCF), 2-year-old Jordan, allegedly killed by his mother, Charisse Stinson, 20, on September 1, lived in a toxic environment filled with drugs, lack of food, gang violence, and neglect, starting shortly after his birth.

A DCF report noted the first visit to the Largo home of the boy’s grandmother, Jessica Belliveau, where the toddler lived, occurred in 2016, when Jordan was a few months old. A DCF employee discovered the residence was “filthy, disgusting, and there’s no food in the home although the mother receives food stamps.”

The report stated that along with the grandmother, the toddler also lived in the home with his father, Jordan Marcel Belliveau; his mother, Charisse; a great grandmother, paternal uncle, and several other young adult males.

The report also indicated that the home had been “shot up” at least three times while young children were inside. In one instance, the little boy’s father, Belliveau, was shot at while standing outside the home.

On October 29, 2016, Belliveau reportedly pointed a gun at young children in the home, and according to Officer Frederick of the Clearwater Police Department, authorities had been to residence on numerous previous occasions for reported vehicle thefts, weapons complaints, and arrest warrants.

Jordan Belliveau Child-in-Home Investigation by Leigh Egan on Scribd

In another reported October occurrence, police arrived to the home again and found numerous people inside, several with active warrants out on them, including “known gang members.”

The DCF reports resulted in authorities ordering Belliveau and his younger brother from the home, since both reportedly smoked marijuana and participated in gang activity. They also banned the brothers from contacting Jordan and other young children. The brothers refused to leave the home, but Stinson refused to leave with the baby, resulting in officials demanding Jordan be taken to a shelter for safety.

Charisse reportedly ignored the orders and fled with the toddler to Orlando. When she returned to Largo, authorities spotted and gave chase as she fled from them. After catching up with her, officials arrived and removed Jordan from her care, and placed him into foster care.

“There is impending danger in the home at this time. The mother, Charisse was court ordered to find an appropriate residence for the child or go to Alpha House with the child however she refused and sabotaged her interview with the intake coordinator and had no other appropriate solution.

“The father, Jordan was court ordered from the home along with the paternal uncle Jared and cousin Damerrick Dickerson. Since the mother broke the court order the child was sheltered and was placed in foster care. The parents fail to understand the danger the baby is in when around gang members.”

Stinson somehow managed an unsupervised visit Jordan on June 18, 2017, according to court documentation. During the visit, she allegedly “walked in to the middle of a fight” at a Burger King restaurant while holding Jordan. Stinson apparently tried to break up the fight when a female engaged in the confrontation swung at her, but missed and instead, hit Jordan in his mouth.

“She did not seem to recognize that being near the fight with the child in her arms put the child in an unsafe situation,” the report read.

Despite numerous police records of domestic abuse issues between Stinson and Belliveau throughout 2017 and the following year, officials allowed Jordan to live with his parents again on May 31, 2018. During his time away from his parents, foster parents Sam and Juliet Warren cared for him. The toddler learned to walk and talk while in the foster parents’ care.

Although the foster family pleaded to keep Jordan, a court order mandated the boy to be returned to his biological parents. Within three months, Jordan would be dead.

Jordan Belliveau [Handout]
As CrimeOnline previously reported, investigators found the boy’s remains on September 4 after issuing an AMBER Alert the previous Sunday, when Stinson reported him missing.

According to the affidavit, Largo police wrote that Stinson hit Jordan with the back of her hand, “which in turn caused the back of his head to strike an interior wall of her home. After the blow to the head, the victim suffered seizures during the night, which lead to further decline [in his health], resulting in his death.”

Instead of seeking medical help for Jordan, Stinson is accused of taking her son and hiding him in a wooded area. Police found Jordan’s lifeless body in woods by Lake Avenue and McMullen Road in Largo.

Police indicated that while searching Stinson’s apartment home, they found “bloodied children’s items.” Although they took the items for evidence, they haven’t yet said whether the evidence was connected to Jordan’s death. Stinson told detectives that Jordan had fell previously and cut his chin, requiring stitches.

Authorities also found children’s clothing rolled up into a rug and placed outside of Stinson’s apartment.

Jordan’s father is not considered a suspect at this time.


Charisee Stinson and Jordan Belliveau
Charisee Stinson and Jordan Belliveau [Handout]
Stinson initially blamed an unknown man for Jordan’s disappearance. She told police she was walking with her son off of Lake Avenue and East Bay Drive at around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night, when the alleged man approached her and asked for a sexual favor in exchange for a ride. Stinson claimed she accepted the ride because she didn’t want to carry her son all the way back home, but the stranger punched her out, then fled.

The suspect said she woke up on Sunday morning in the woods at Largo Central Park and couldn’t find her son. The man, who she said drove a white Toyota Camry with a white grill and dark tinted windows, had disappeared. She claimed the man only identified himself as “Antwan.”

Stinson remains behind bars without bond while awaiting a court hearing, scheduled for Wednesday. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Jordan Belliveau/Handout]