3 killed in shooting at high-rise office building, cops say shooter’s jammed gun likely saved lives

Authorities in Ohio say three people were killed when a gunman opened fire inside of an office building in downtown Cincinnati, but the carnage could have been much worse.

According to CBS News, 29-year-old Omar Enrique Santa Perez is allegedly caught on surveillance footage entering the Fifth Third Bancorp headquarters on Thursday morning and opening fire.

He was shot and killed by responding police a short time later.

In all, the shooting spree spanned about four minutes, though authorities said on Friday that the shooter’s gun jammed and prevented him from continuing to fire.

Perez was reportedly carrying a bag over his shoulder that contained hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

After making his way past security, footage shows the gunman appeared to fire at individuals inside indiscriminately. He was able to discharge a total of 35 rounds, according to police.

Officers reportedly arrived at the building and fired on the suspect from outside, through a glass plate window, and killed him.

As of the latest updates available, it was unclear what the shooter’s motive might have been.

Perez had no previous employment history with the bank or building and had reportedly entered a number of other nearby businesses prior to the shooting.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said investigators have searched Perez’s apartment but had not found any evidence to report.

Mayor John Cranley credited the swift action of police who ended the active threat.

“If he had gotten on the elevator, gone up a floor, if he had been there earlier or a little bit longer, many more people would have been killed,” he said.

The suspect’s aunt was quoted by local reporters as describing him as “very quiet.”

[Featured image: Omar Perez, Cincinnati Police Department]