After intruder rapes and robs pregnant woman, she jumps from 3rd floor window to escape: Cops

A 30-year-old pregnant woman was forced to jump from a third-story apartment window this week to escape an attacker, Tennessee authorities say.

According to the New York Post, a man allegedly entered the Nashville home on Wednesday afternoon and raped the woman before robbing her.

The woman reportedly told police that she was lying in her bedroom at the time of the attack.

When the intruder startled her awake, she said he was in her room and armed with a knife.

Police say the man then raped her and rifled through her purse to take items of value.

After he warned her not to move, the woman was reportedly able to retrieve a bottle and hit the man in the head.

This caused him to retreat, she said, and allowed her to take the risky escape route from the third floor.

At that point, authorities believe the suspect stole her vehicle to make his getaway.

As of the latest reports available, Nashville police were still attempting to identify and locate a suspect in the case, though they had recovered the woman’s stolen vehicle.

The alleged victim was recovering at an area hospital as of the latest reports available.

[Featured image: Pixabay]