Food truck owner sparks debate after announcing she won’t serve police

A food truck operator in Detroit has sparked local debate after announcing on social media that Rocky’s Road Brew would not serve members of the law enforcement community.

“On this street corner I encounter all types and the only type that has ever purposely intimidated me is [the Detroit Police Department],” Rocky Coronado wrote in a Facebook post.

“The majority of my neighbors, customers, and myself do not feel safe around law enforcement agents (ICE, DPD, Homeland Security, etc),” she continued. “I have asked friends from the National Lawyers Guild and I am well within my rights to refuse service to law enforcement agents.”

Coronado went on to conclude that she made the decision “for the safety of my neighbors and customers (who have all become friends) and myself.”

One nearby restaurateur, however, made it clear that she did not speak for him.

“Southwest [Detroit] should be a case study for how to police in this country, in a good way,” George Azar said.

He went on to say the local officers are “all community based,” adding that he feels his fellow business owner has pushed the issue too far.

“I don’t want her to feel like an outcast,” he said. “However, she needs to maneuver a little different.”

Detroit Police Union President Mark Diaz said he was disappointed to hear about the food truck owner’s decision but said it would not change the department’s dedication to serve the entire community.

[Featured image: Facebook]