Mom’s fake AMBER Alert claim of son Jordan Belliveau costs taxpayers over $200K: Police

A Florida woman accused of killing her 2-year-old boy could possibly face an additional five years behind bars after police say her call to report her son missing cost over $200,00 in manpower and resources after they issued an AMBER Alert.

NBC5 reports that 21-year-old Charisse Stinson is accused of making up an intricate tale about accepting a ride from a stranger earlier this month, a stranger she claimed knocked her out and disappeared with her toddler son, Jordan Belliveau. Stinson reportedly told police the man called himself “Antwan.” She allegedly gave a detailed description of the clothing the man wore and the kind of car he drove.

Police said Stinson later admitted to killing her son by smacking him so hard he hit his head on a hard surface and began having seizures. By the time she admitted the truth, however, law enforcement resources had already reached at least $200,000 after authorities put out an AMBER Alert on the boy.

“A very conservative estimate is that salary costs alone for the state and local law enforcement agencies would put the Amber Alert search at between $200,000 to $300,000,” Largo police spokesperson Randy Chaney explained. “That does not include overtime, fuel, purchased and rental equipment, wear and tear on vehicles, food and water and other related expenditures. All things considered, it may very well have cost taxpayers a half million dollars.”

Chaney added that 15 agencies stopped working on other cases in order to assist after authorities released the AMBER Alert.

Jordan Belliveau [Handout]
As CrimeOnline previously reported, according to the arrest affidavit, Largo police wrote that Stinson hit Jordan with the back of her hand, “which in turn caused the back of his head to strike an interior wall of her home. After the blow to the head, the victim suffered seizures during the night, which lead to further decline [in his health], resulting in his death.”

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Instead of seeking medical help for Jordan, Stinson is accused of taking her son and hiding him in a wooded area. Police found Jordan’s lifeless body in woods by Lake Avenue and McMullen Road in Largo.

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Police indicated that while searching Stinson’s apartment home, they found “bloodied children’s items.” Although they took the items for evidence, they haven’t yet said whether the evidence was connected to Jordan’s death. Stinson told detectives that Jordan had fell previously and cut his chin, requiring stitches.

Authorities also found children’s clothing rolled up into a rug and placed outside of Stinson’s apartment.

Jordan’s father is not considered a suspect at this time. He was apparently too upset to talk to ABC, but court records indicate he had a tumultuous relationship with Stinson, with at least one incident resulting in alleged physical violence.

According to court documents, the boy’s father returned him home to Stinson earlier this year after weekend visitation, but Stinson apparently didn’t want Jordan back yet and a fight ensued. Out of frustration, the boy’s dad reportedly punched Stinson, leading to his arrest.

Stinson remains behind bars without bond. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Charisee Stinson and Jordan Belliveau/Police Handout]