Nanny claims former youth pastor abused and sexually assaulted her as police investigate his late wife’s ‘questionable’ death, judge grants permanent restraining order

After a former youth pastor’s wife died under “questionable circumstances” in 2017, a Georgia woman claimed she had a relationship with him just weeks after his wife’s death, a relationship she said turned violent.

CBS46 News reports that a Paulding County, Georgia, judge granted 27-year-old Christy Chupp a permanent restraining order against Andy Turner, 44, last Wednesday, after she claimed he not only physically abused her but also sexually assaulted her.

“First it was pulling hair, then it was just twisting my arm, like around really hard.”

Chupp said she started dating Turner and worked as his nanny a few weeks after his wife, Heather Turner, died in May 2017. Although things were good in the beginning, according to Chupp, Turner’s words of love turned sour within months. The abuse started slowly, she said, with him bending her arm harshly and pulling her hair, but it built up to Turner allegedly pulling her fingers back so roughly he broke her nails off and left cuts under her fingertips.

“He started bending my fingers backwards,” Chupp explained to CrimeOnline. “I was screaming because I had my acrylic nails on. My fingernails were bleeding underneath them because it was ripped off.”

The alleged abuse eventually escalated to a black eye and a sexual assault incident that lasted for hours, according to Chupp.

“He choked me real hard and said he could kill me right now if he wanted to, [and] that everybody’s saying he killed Heather, what made me think he wouldn’t kill me?”

Turner denied sexually assaulting Chupp. He told CBS’ Daniel Wilkerson that he thought the allegations were absurd and questioned why someone wouldn’t call the police immediately if they were raped.

Chupp, however, disagreed.

“He told me to take my panties off and I told him ‘no.’ During intercourse, um, he had me laying on my stomach one time and he told me I should hold Heather’s ashes. That way he could be having sex with both of us.”

When Wilkerson asked Turner about Chupp’s allegations regarding his late wife’s ashes, he seemed surprised.

“Wow,” Turner said.

Chupp, a mother of two young children, stayed in a relationship with Andy for many months after the alleged abuse started. She broke up with him several times, but said his promises to change lured her back in.

She told CrimeOnline she had no intentions of seeing Turner again and she hopes to get on with her life and put the incident behind her. She said her focus is solely on her children.

Meanwhile, authorities continue to investigate Heather Turner’s death. Paulding police found Heather inside the bathroom of her Dallas home with a single gunshot wound to the head last year.

Heather Turner
Heather Turner [Handout]
Turner said he heard a noise at around 5:30 a.m. that morning and when he went to the bathroom to check on his wife, he found her lying on the floor from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Yet, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Heather’s case is currently under investigation and has not been ruled as a suicide. GBI is currently processing evidence in the case. The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office stated that Turner has not been named a suspect or specific person of interest in the case, as “everyone” is a person of interest, according to CBS46.

The Secret Service recently joined the investigation efforts into Heather’s death, according to Paulding County Sheriff’s Office PIO, Sgt. Ashley Henson.

 If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence please call the hotline number at 800−799−7233 or TTY at 800−787−3224.

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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