“I’ve got a problem with her story”: Nancy Grace reveals multiple issues with female cop’s story after she guns down neighbor

Legal commentator Nancy Grace lent her perspective to the Texas case involving an off-duty Dallas police officer who shot and killed a black man inside of his own apartment.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the officer later identified as Amber Guyger fired on 26-year-old Botham Jean shortly after entering the apartment she allegedly believed to be her own.

The victim’s mother has since spoken out, wondering aloud if her son’s race played any part in the officer’s decision to shoot him.

“I think it is entirely possible, Jesse, that it was racially motivated,” Grace told Daily Mail TV host Jesse Palmer. “But I’ve got another problem. I’ve got a problem with her story.”

The host of the Crime Stories podcast went on to showcase what she believes are unexplained holes in Guyger’s account of the events that resulted in Jean’s death last week.

“Remember, she had just come off duty,” Grace said. “She still had on a patrol outfit, right? So she should be alert, awake, sober. It’s hard for me to believe she mixed up which apartment she was going into. So I find her whole story to be very suspicious.”

Noting that the white female officer was a member of an elite crime task force within the Dallas Police Department, Grace later said she believes Guyger was lying in her statements to police.

“Come on,” she said. “We know that she was alert. We know she had just come off duty, because there is video of her pacing back and forth right after the shooting. So think about it: She didn’t realize that that wasn’t her apartment number? Her doormat? That wasn’t her furniture when she walked in?”

The details of Guyger’s story as released in media reports thus far, Grace said, do not pass the smell test.

“I think it’s a lie,” she said, adding that she is also disappointed in the secretive manner through which the officer was taken into custody ahead of facing a manslaughter charge.

“Talk about curb service,” Grace said. “She gets to go out the back door so there’s no video of a perp walk. She’s in at 7:20 and out at 8:30. I mean, that’s preferential treatment and I don’t like it.”

Nancy Grace is an owner and the Publisher of CrimeOnline, as well as a contributor to The DailyMail TV.

[Featured image: Daily Mail TV, video screenshot]