CRITICAL & URGENT: Police searching for missing 3-month-old baby who ‘vanished from crib’

Virginia police are investigating a call regarding a missing 3-month-old baby who reportedly disappeared from her Roanoke home on Tuesday night.

Roanoke Police Department reports that the mother of infant Arieanna Day told police she put the baby in her crib at around 10 p.m., in their home off of 1100 block of Hanover NW. The mother said when she checked in on the baby “a short time later,” she was missing. The mother claimed the doors in her home were not locked, but she only went to the kitchen area before returning to check on Arieanna.

Officers arrived at the home at around 11 p.m. and interviewed the mother, followed by the baby’s father.

“This circumstance is unusual,” a Roanoke police spokesperson said during a media brief on Wednesday. “And the individual claiming to be the father of the missing child soon arrived at the residence to speak with the investigating officers. He told officers on the scene last night that he did not have the child. Both parents continue to cooperate with investigators. Someone out there knows what happened to this child.”

Arieanna’s disappearance doesn’t fit the criteria for an AMBER Alert since there is no suspect description and no vehicle description. Roanoke police are turning to the media and the community to help find the baby.

Roanoke officers searched the immediate area of the residence and throughout the neighborhood. They’ve also requested the assistance of the Blacksburg Police Department after they were given “an address of interest” in the Blacksburg area.

“At three months old, I am very concerned about the child’s life,” the officer continued. “I am very troubled that when you look at the medical research related to a 3-month-old infant in need of sustenance, we have about an 18 to 24-hour window.”

WATCH LIVE: Authorities are looking for a missing three-month-old in the Roanoke Valley.

Posted by WFXR News on Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Anyone with any information is urged to contact 911 or the Roanoke PD at 540-853-5959, or NCMEC at 800-THE-LOST (case number 1338465).

[Feature Photo: Police Handout]