Former Disneyland princess lies to cops in effort to hide brutal double murder by ex-fiance

A California jury found the ex-fiancee of a man sentenced to death for a 2010 double murder was guilty of serving as an accessory to the brutal crime after the fact.

According to the New York Post, 31-year-old Rachel Buffett is a former Disneyland employee who portrayed a princess at the theme park.

She had been engaged to Daniel Wozniak, who killed 26-year-old Samuel Herr and 23-year-old Julie Kibuishi. During his trial, defense attorneys argued that Buffett played an active role in the murders and should have stood trial along with Wozniak.

He was convicted in 2015, years after he concocted an elaborate plot in the effort of covering for his extensive debt.

Prosecutors maintained Wozniak killed Herr, his neighbor and a military veteran, to steal $50,000 from him. He then killed Kibuishi and dumped her body in a botched effort to make it appear Herr was responsible and had fled with the cash.

Buffett publicly maintained her innocence, however, including interviews on “Dateline NBC” and “Dr. Phil.”

In her trial, Senior Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy did not argue that Buffett knew about the murde plots ahead of time but that she clearly told lies to authorities on multiple occasions.

Her defense attorney, on the other hand, said she willingly offered law enforcement evidence. David Medina reiterated that “she did not know what Dan had done.”

Buffett is expected to appear in court again next month for sentencing and could spend nearly four years behind bars.

[Featured image: Rachel Buffett, video screenshot]