Man kills wife, three young kids and mother-in-law before reporting to work mowing local lawns: Cops

Authorities in Australia say a man murdered his wife, three young children, and mother-in-law before reporting to work earlier this week as a landscaper.

According to the New York Post, Anthony Harvey is accused of killing Mara Harvey, 41, Beverley Quinn, 73, and three children 3 years old or younger — Charlotte and twins Alice and Beatrix.

After the murders, which police believe began Monday, Harvey allegedly accepted two local mowing jobs. Investigators allege the 24-year-old suspect killed his wife and kids, then killed Quinn when she arrived at the home.

His boss, Jim Penman, said the suspect, 24, provided the customers with quotes the following evening.

“Those quotes are striking to us,” Penman said. “Highly courteous and well-mannered but they were sent just before and then suddenly five hours later they’re dead.”

He added that Harvey sent the paperwork “as if everything was normal” and had seemed to enjoy his job.

“There must have been something going on we didn’t know about,” Penman said.

Mara Harvey’s sister said she first heard the news when she recognized the family’s home in a news broadcast.

“You never recover from something like this,” Taryn Tottman told local reporters. “Part of me didn’t think it was real.”

Relatives echoed Penman’s assessment, noting that there was no apparent indication the victims were in any type of danger.

As Alan Tottman explained, it has proven difficult to explain the loss to her small children.

“Grandma is gone, Aunty Mara is gone,” he said. “It’s very hard to look at their little faces and explain that.”

Relatives have established an online fundraiser to help with funeral costs.

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