Serial arsonist attacks at least four gas stations before cops catch him in the act: Reports

Authorities in Texas say they have arrested a man on suspicion of setting multiple fires in the Austin area.

According to the Austin American Statesman, police located the suspect on Saturday morning at a gas station along U.S. Route 183 South in East Austin.

At that time, investigators believe he was unloading wood from his vehicle in an attempt to light it near a gas dispenser.

Austin Fire Department Division Chief Thayer Smith explained that the suspected arsonist is also believed to have been involved in three other area gas station vandalisms, which also included arson fires.

He explained that the other incidents occurred during the hours preceding the man’s arrest.

Those prior attacks caused damage at gas stations across the city, including one on South Pleasant Valley Road in Southeast Austin.

According to Smith, the suspect is believed to have ignited a gasoline container near a fuel pump. He allegedly staged a similar attack at a gas station located on Nuckols Crossing.

As of the latest updates available, authorities provided little information about the remaining incident, which they said happened at a service station on East Ben White Boulevard.

At the time of the suspect’s arrest, emergency personnel were also at the scene to evaluate him, according to local reports. He is expected to face criminal charges including arson.

[Featured image: Austin Fire Department]