‘He’s not doing well’: Suicide watch continues for Chris Watts, accused of murdering his pregnant wife and two little girls

Reality is sinking in for family murder suspect Chris Watts as he remains on suicide watch in a Colorado jail.

Watts was arrested last month and charged with the murder of his pregnant wife Shanann Watts and their young daughters Bella and Celeste. According to an arrest affidavit, Chris Watts admitted to killing his wife but claimed he murdered her in a “rage” after she purportedly strangled their two daughters. It appears that investigators do not believe his claims.

A source who claims to have spoken to Watts while he is in custody at the Weld County Jail told People magazine that the suspect has become increasingly despondent as the reality of his situation sinks in.

He’s not doing well at all,” the unidentified source told People. “The gravity of the situation has hit him like a ton of bricks. Depression is setting in, and he’s despondent.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Watts was placed on suicide watch earlier this month, and he remains under “Close Watch Protocol,” the technical name for suicide watch. He is under regular supervision by jail security and only allowed out of his cell for one hour a day to shower and make phone calls to his lawyer or family.

But the source told People that Watts rarely communicates with anyone besides the security guards who check on him every 10 to 15 minutes.

“He sleeps all day and isn’t really talking to anyone, including his family,” the source said.

Watts, who had not yet entered a plea, is due back in court in November.