Tuesday Crime Stories: Young wife ‘disappears’ a day before hubby takes tot daughter on surprise trip to Venezuela

Seven years after Sylviane Lozada disappeared from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her husband has been charged with her murder. Investigators have not found the mom and wife’s body, but they believe they have the evidence to prove she is dead and that Oscar Alberto Lozada killed her. The husband moved from Louisiana to Venezuela, taking his young daughter, soon after his wife went missing in July 2011.

Nancy Grace looks at the latest developments in the case with an expert panel including New York psychologist Lauren Howard, Atlanta defense lawyer Rene Rockwell, Atlanta defense lawyer, private investigator Vincent Hill, medical examiner Dr. William Morrone, and Crime Stories reporter John Lemley.

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[Feature Photo: Oscar Alberto Lozada; Sylviane Lozada/Handout]