Elementary school student takes dad’s stolen gun to school, shoots himself during gym class

Authorities in Alabama say an elementary school student brought a stolen gun to Blossomwood Elementary School this week and shot himself in the hand.

A statement from Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Christie Finley confirmed the two children involved are in second grade at the school.

They were inside a restroom during physical education class at the time of the shooting on Monday.

Huntsville police confirmed the child’s father, 41-year-old Letroy Cole Jr., was arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property and possessing a firearm as a felon.

“The investigation led [Huntsville Police Department] investigators to obtain evidence that the firearm was originally possessed by the student’s father,” a statement from Sgt. Tony McElyea read.

Lt. Michael Johnson added that the gun discharged, striking the boy in his hand, as he attempted to pass the gun to another student.

As of the latest reports available, Cole remained behind bars at the Madison County Jail.

Finley went on to tell district parents that schools are planning to begin requiring students to bring only clear backpacks.

A statement from the police chief cited the professionalism of school staff and responding officers in handling the incident.

Mark McMurray said officials on the scene were able to secure the gun within minutes of the shooting. The teacher present at the time made sure the injured child received first aid, he added.

The superintendent explained that since the incident was “an accident” and no other students were in danger, the school was not placed on lockdown.

“The school was safe, and class continued for our students,” Finley wrote.

[Featured image: Letroy Cole Jr., handout]