Thursday Crime Stories: Gorgeous DC Jogger stabbing perp; Elizabeth Smart kidnapper walks free; Border Patrol serial killer

An arrest is made in the case of a tech exec stabbed to death while jogging on a Washington, DC, sidewalk. Nancy Graces looks at the case with a panel of experts including Marc Klaas — victims advocate and founder of Klaas Kids Foundation, Atlanta prosecutor Kenya Johnson, lawyer and psychologist Dr. Brian Russell — host of Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows” series, crime scene investigator Sheryl McCollum, and Crime Stories reporter John Lemley.

BREAKING: Arrest made in stabbing murder of young tech exec jogger in D.C.

Grace and friends also discuss the release from prison of one of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnappers. Wanda Barzee helped her husband hold Smart hostage for nine months before she escaped.

Elizabeth Smart: Kidnapper Wanda Barzee is staying at a hotel after prison release, worried neighbor ‘may move’

A U.S. Border Patrol officer is now an accused serial killer. Juan David Ortiz allegedly murdered four women in Loredo, Texas in the first two weeks of September. Grace suspects more bodies will be found. She is joined by forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, New York psychologist Caryn Stark, Atlanta juvenile judge & lawyer Ashley Willcott, and Crime Stories reporter Robyn Walensky,

‘I have no doubt there are more victims’: Nancy Grace thinks ‘serial killer’ Border Patrol agent left ‘other bodies’ out there

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[Feature Photo: Wanda Barzee/Utah State Prison]