‘I tried to hit him with my cane’: 88-year-old describes effort to fight off violent attacker during Walmart robbery

The elderly victim of a recent carjacking has tough words for her attacker after losing her vehicle and purse in a violent robbery at a Walmart in Michigan this week.

According to WJBK, 88-year-old Gloria Kevelighan was covered in bruises after the incident in Livonia on Tuesday.

“He pushed me and I fell flat on my face,” she told reporters. “I hit my head; I was bleeding and everything.”

Kevelighan said the physical attack began almost as soon as she stepped out of her SUV.

“I had my purse on my arm and he kept pulling so I finally let go, you know,” she said. “I’m a mess but I’m alive and that’s the important thing.”

According to police, the attacker was identified as a 38-year-old man from Sterling Heights. He allegedly stole her 2017 Ford Escape after knocking her down and stealing her purse, nearly driving over her as he sped off.

An eyewitness gave chase for some distance before losing sight of the stolen vehicle.

The suspect was arrested, along with a 41-year-old woman, a short time later in the same general area as the attack.

“It was traumatic but it happened in seconds,” Kevelighan said. “It happened before I knew what was happening.

The victim said she did not give up without a fight, saying that she would “kill the son of a b****” if given the chance.

“I tried to hit him with my cane but I couldn’t, he seemed to want to stay behind me, so I couldn’t see his face,” she said.

She warned any other would-be attackers of her secret weapon.

“If anyone bothers me, I use my cane,” she said.

The suspects’ names were not immediately released ahead of their scheduled arraignments.

[Featured image: WJBK, video screenshot]