DC Metro employee on business trip uses work-issued device to solicit sex from 15-year-old girl: Cops

Authorities in Tennessee say a Maryland man is facing criminal charges related to his attempt to solicit sex from a minor while in Knox County on a business trip.

According to Knox News, 53-year-old Christopher A. Riggins was an employee of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority at the time of his arrest earlier this month.

He was in Knoxville on work-related business, police say, and used a D.C. Metro-issued electronic device to arrange what he believed to be a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old girl in the area.

In reality, the Knoxville Police Department reported that he was caught as part of an undercover sting the agency was conducting.

Believing he was communicating with a minor, reports allege he offered her $100 and said he wanted to perform oral sex on her.

Authorities arrested Riggins on Sept. 14 and he was subsequently fired from his position at the D.C. Metro.

He is expected to face criminal charges including a felony count of soliciting a minor for aggravated statutory rape.

[Featured image: Christopher A. Riggins, Knoxville Police Department]