Locals upset over plans to open ‘creepy and gross’ sex robot brothel in ‘family-oriented neighborhood’

A controversial Canadian business is expanding to the United States, and some in the community set to receive the newest franchise are speaking out.

According to KSBW, Kinky Dolls is planning to open a location in Houston, Texas. The sex robot brothel provides customers with a lifelike doll and a private room for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

The company describes the robots as ranging in capabilities, from response to touch and verbal commands to integrated artificial intelligence.

Robots will also be available for sale, starting at about $2,500 and topping $10,000 for more advanced models.

While the new twist to the world’s oldest profession has obviously been good for Kinky Dolls’ business, it has turned more than a few Houston locals off.

“It’s creepy and gross,” one resident told reporters. “Just the whole idea of having sex with a robot is just kind of like weird.”

Others see the inclusion of a Kinky Dolls location as a possible invitation for crime.

“They shouldn’t be opening anything like that,” one woman said. “We have enough crime in this world. To add more to it would just be ridiculous.”

Some activist groups are already sounding alarms about these high-tech hookers.

One group called “Love People Not Pixels” warns that this type of business is just the tip of the iceberg.

“We’re talking about robots right now,” representative of the group said. “Yeah, that’s a hot button. But tomorrow it could be virtual reality. It could be something else. It’s just coming back to the heart of demand for sex buying.”

Among the other complaints is one local’s concern about the next generation growing up alongside such businesses.

“There’s kids around here,” the woman told KSBW. “It’s like a family-oriented neighborhood. I live right here. It’s nice neighborhood, and to have that here is just gross.”

[Featured image: KSBW, video screenshot]