After 5-year-old girl’s alleged sexual assault at school, protesting parents demand #JusticeForHer

A Texas elementary school has become the scene of an ongoing protest following the alleged sexual abuse of a 5-year-old student.

According to KVEO, a 14-year-old student mentor at Tabasco Elementary School is accused of taking the young girl into a restroom at the school and sexually assaulting her in April.`

A number of parents have since accused local law enforcement and La Joya Independent School District staff of dropping the ball in their response to the incident.

“We do leave our kids here seven to eight hours a day,” said one parent outside of the school this week. “They’re in the safety, the care of the teacher, the principal — and to come home and find out that something happened to your child. I’m scared. I’m scared for the security of my child.”

Demonstrators holding signs and calling for justice in the case have called on school administrators as well as local law enforcement leaders to resign as a result.

“Why did it take so long for us parents to find out what’s going on in our school?” one parent shouted during the protest.

In a statement addressing the incident, the school district explained that an investigation into the matter led to an arrest. The suspect in the sexual assault has since been sentenced to serve a one-year probated sentence.

Outraged parents do not think school officials went far enough to protect the students or to respond to the incident after it happened.

Rebecca Solis added that she and others “want answers” after learning the disturbing details.

She said another local parent has a special-needs daughter who “was molested at a middle school” earlier this month has “has no answers” from authorities.

[Featured image: KVEO, video screenshot]