Cops don’t believe man’s claim his wife slipped in bathtub, say he ‘fake cried’ for hours during interview

Authorities in Florida believe an Orlando man killed his wife in their home, but the suspect says she slipped in the bathtub and sustained a fatal injury when she fell.

According to the New York Post, detectives say they found gaping holes in his story, though, including his prolonged “fake” crying fits they say produced no tears.

The Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office released recordings from a police interview of 50-year-old David Tronnes following his arrest in connection with death of 39-year-old Shanti Cooper-Tronnes earlier this year.

Among the details Orlando Police Department detective Teresa Sprague brought up in her interview with the suspect was the fact that his wife’s body was dry when officers arrived despite his claim that she had just been in the bath.

“Common sense would tell you if you pull a woman — soaking wet — out of a tub at 3 o’clock and call the police within six minutes, that everything will be soaking wet when police arrive within three minutes of that,” she said. “That’s common sense.”

Tronnes offered an inquisitive response to Sprague’s statement.

“So how did everything dry out?” he asked.

“That’s our question,” she replied.

Authorities found water in the bathtub at the home and an autopsy found the Cooper-Tronnes died as a result of blunt force trauma.

The detective went on to describe the suspect’s emotional display during the interview as crocodile tears.

Sprague said Tronnes had “fake cried for about seven or eight hours” on the day of the interview.

“Not one tear came out of your eyes — not one,” she said. “You have fake cried over this woman’s death since we made contact with you.”

Tronnes claimed that he and his wife were happy, telling police that he discovered her body after he returned home from taking their dog for a walk.

He was arrested last month and is expected to face charges including first-degree murder. He has pleaded not guilty and is set to appear in court again early next year.

[Featured image: David Tronnes and Shanti Cooper-Tronnes, Orange County Jail and Orlando Police Department]