Neighbor spots moving truck outside of Shanann and Chris Watts family home, as Shanann’s former high school teacher shares surprising memories of the slain mom as a teen [VIDEO]

“She was a very insecure young lady,” Shanann Watts’s former teacher said

A witness has spotted a moving truck outside of the Colorado home of Chris and Shanann Watts, the pregnant mom who was found murdered with her two young daughters last month.

Chris Watts is behind bars, accused of killing all three of his family members.

HLN’s Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield first reported a witness account of seeing Shanann Watts’s father Frank Rzucek and an identified woman in her 30s loading furniture and boxes from the Frederick home into a moving truck.

CrimeOnline viewed video footage corroborating the witness account, and HLN verified the story with the moving company, according to People magazine.

On Wednesday night’s show, Ashleigh Banfield also spoke to Shanann’s former high school theater teacher Matt Francis, who remained friendly with Shanann after she graduated, communicating with her just two weeks before she died.

Francis spoke of seeing Shanann evolve from a shy, young girl to a confident woman who shared the most intimate details of her life in frequent photos and videos on social media.

“She was a very insecure young lady who didn’t have a lot of friends, at 14 years old,” Francis told Banfield in a video of the TV segment posted to a YouTube channel dedicated to Shanann’s memory.

Speaking of the time she first joined his theater class, Francis said, “She was with a group of people who were much more outgoing at the time, but she realized these people cared about her and were … interested in her succeeding. So she started to really thrive.”

On the show, Ashleigh Banfield read from a letter Shanann had sent to Ford when he left his teaching position in 2002.

“You helped me bring out the true person in me,” Shanann had written in the letter.