Thursday Crime Stories: 6-year-old missing Maddox mystery deepens

PLUS: Woman accuses supreme Court nominee of sex attack

Little Maddox Ritch is still missing six days after his dad reported the autistic 6-year-old ran away from him during a walk in a North Carolina park. Nancy Grace updates the search for the child, including with new revelations by the father. Her experts include lawyer & psychologist Dr. Brian Russell, medical examiner Dr. Michelle Dupe, private investigatorVincent Hill, and North Carolina family lawyer.

‘I didn’t see that kid one time’: Park employee who called 911 to report Maddox Ritch missing said he never saw him there’s Sean Walsh joins Nancy and guests next to discuss the sex assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as his chief accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies before the Senate.

LIVE STREAM: Judge Brett Kavanaugh & accuser Christine Blasey Ford testify on sexual assault allegations

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[Feature Photo: Maddox Ritch/Handout]