SEE IT: Jessica Chambers murder trial continues as wife of ‘mystery man’ found near scene of teen cheerleader’s burning death testifies [LIVE VIDEO]

Day four of testimony is underway at the murder retrial of Quinton Tellis, the suspect accused of burning Jessica Chambers alive in December 2014.

First responders found the 19-year-old former cheerleader clinging to life in Courtland, Mississippi, her body almost completely covered in burns and her car in flames nearby. It would be a year and half before authorities arrested and charged Quinton Tellis with her murder. Tellis and Jessica were recent friends and the suspect had admitted to spending time with her earlier the day of her murder.

But prosecutors later discovered that cell phone data appeared to place Tellis near the scene of Jessica’s burning death that night of December 6. Tellis was tried last year in Panola County, but the proceedings ended in a mistrial when a jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict.

On Friday, experts are taking the stand to testify about the DNA material found on Jessica’s car keys. A woman whose husband is believed to be a “mystery man” found near the scene that night also testified that she had sent him there after hearing there were helicopters overhead in the location, as she was concerned about their daughter who lived in the area.

Watch a livestream of the Jessica Chambers murder trial, from WREG: