Woman burglarizes frat house, defecates in the floor before stealing cash and keys: Cops

Authorities in Oklahoma say a 25-year-old woman set off on a bizarre crime spree that culminated in her defecation on the floor inside of a fraternity home she burglarized.

According to Fox News, authorities were able to locate suspect Melissa Lenz a short time after she allegedly fled the scene of her crime earlier this week.

Oklahoma City University Police Chief Jennifer Rogers told local reporters that a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity entered the frat house on campus and caught a woman in the act of soiling herself.

At that time, KFOR reported that Lenz allegedly “screamed and pulled up her pants,” running from the scene and exiting through an open window.

In addition to leaving the unwanted deposit, police believe the suspect stole hundreds of dollars in cash and a set of keys from inside the fraternity house.

Authorities believe the front door of the residence was unlocked prior to Lenz’s entry.

“Apparently, they left the front door unlocked and someone from the neighborhood walked into the house and then entered a private bedroom of one of the fraternity brothers,” Rodgers said. “She proceeded to go into his wallet, took over $300 in cash and his car keys. In the meantime, she dropped her ID card onto the floor and he walked in on her as she was doing these things.”

Upon arriving at the location, police officers reportedly found a bag containing what appeared to be human fecal material.

When police located the suspect, they say they recovered the stolen items and returned them to their rightful owners.

[Featured image: Melissa Lenz, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office]