[UPDATE] Woman accused of slashing 3 infants, 2 adults, at illegal daycare says she thought kids were “wolves”

The Chinese immigrant accused of stabbing very young babies along with adults at an unauthorized daycare is offering an unusual defense from behind bars.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 52-year-old Yu Fen Wang was allegedly armed with a knife and meat cleaver when she began slashing individuals inside the illegal facility being operated out of a New York City residence earlier this month.

Three infants about one month old and younger were cut and a fourth baby sustained a skull fracture. Two adults were also injured.

From Rikers Island, where she is being held ahead of facing charges including attempted murder, the suspect said the she thought the youngest victims “were not babies, but wolves.”

She said she “slashed” at them in reaction to the perceived threat but does not know why she saw the babies that way, according to an exclusive report by the New York Daily News.

“I don’t know why I did such a thing or what I was thinking about,” Wang said.

Jail staff reportedly placed her on suicide watch and the apparently despondent woman told the Daily News that she hopes the babies “didn’t get hurt.”

She did not mention the adults she is accused of injuring in the Sept. 20 attack.

One witness described the bloody scene in a 911 call shortly after the slashings.

“I’m sleeping … and then I heard somebody yelling … and then they are killing people,” the caller said. “I just saw the blood on the floor … and that somebody got hurt.”

In her jailhouse interview, Wang expressed remorse and said she hopes to be reunited with her family, once again able to care for her grandchildren so that her “sons and daughters-in-law can work.”

[Featured image: Pix11 video screenshot]