Pizza delivery driver saves domestic abuse victim after she points to bloody face and mouths for help: Report

A Dominos delivery driver is being hailed a hero after her reportedly helped an alleged domestic violence victim after she mouthed “help” to him when he delivered a pizza to a Wisconsin residence.

FOX News reports that 55-year-old Dean Hoffmann is behind bars after he reportedly showed up uninvited to his girlfriend’s home in Grafton on September 27, where he tied her and beat her. During the course of the alleged brutal beating, someone phoned in for a pizza, which eventually led to Hoffman’s arrest.

According to the criminal complaint, after Hoffman arrived to the victim’s home unannounced at around 1 p.m., she grabbed her phone to call for help, but he knocked it out of her hands and dragged her toward stairs inside the home. In an attempt to get away, the victim said she hit Hoffman in the groin, which angered him further. He reportedly punched her in the face, gave her a black eye, then locked her in a bathroom where she could “tend to a bloody nose.”

Afterward, Hoffman allegedly forced the woman upstairs where he shoved a towel in her mouth and tied her hands and feet up with a power cord. Around half an hour later, Hoffman reportedly untied the victim but refused to let her leave the house.

When the pizza delivery driver knocked on the door, Hoffman answered, according to the complaint, but the woman walked behind Hoffman and gestured at the driver. She then pointed at the trauma on her face and silently mouthed “help.” The driver left and called police.

When authorities arrived to the home, Hoffman allegedly refused to let the victim and blocked her from opening the door. When the victim starting screaming for help, Hoffman allowed the officers inside. After the officers pulled the victim to safety, she said she “truly believed [he] was going to kill her that night.”

Hoffman reportedly told officers that he punched the victim in the face while “in the heat of the moment” after an argument, and admitted he had a .22 caliber gun in his car. He was subsequently arrested and charged with burglary, kidnapping, intimidation of a victim, strangulation and suffocation, and false imprisonment.

[Feature Photo: Dean Hoffmann/Handout]