Beloved elderly couple found murdered inside home, killer still on the loose as police say act doesn’t appear random

A killer is still on the loose after a neighbor and family member found a beloved elderly couple dead inside their Florida home on Saturday, according to police.

ABC reports that accountant, David Swan, 88, and his wife, 80-year-old Mina, a retired art teacher, were found murdered inside their Clearwater home off of Flushing Ave. in an act that didn’t appear random. The Clearwater police didn’t confirm how the couple died or how long they’d been deceased, but did indicate that they were victims of foul play.

Neighbor Bob Anderson, 87, said his wife stopped by the couple’s home on Friday to drop off pamphlets when she noticed newspapers piling up. Another neighbor who also spotted the piling newspapers contacted Mina Swan’s children and alerted them. After the neighbor and the victim’s daughter found the couple dead inside the residence, they contacted 911 immediately.

“I walked through the kitchen and you could smell the food that was still sitting on the counter that had been prepped for dinner but it looked like they were going to eat,” neighbor John Locke, who lived across the street from the couple for close to 50 years, said. “She was face down and he was on his back. She was on one side of the coffee table. He was on the other side on his back.”

Next door neighbor Helen Scott was in shock when she found out the couple had been killed.

“You just can’t imagine who did it,” next door neighbor Helen Scott said. “You can’t imagine who had the motivation to kill both of them, you know who would do that.”

Clearwater police assured neighbors that they didn’t have cause to worry. This incident didn’t appear to be a robbery or a random break-in, and the home was “well organized” when authorities arrived.

“I’m going to miss them a lot,” Anderson said. “Mina used to come over here and sit next to me and we’d talk for hours. Whoever did this ought to be severely punished.”

Scott added that the couple loved to travel and had recently been to Iceland, according to NBC8.

Mina Swan had lived in the home for 40 years. She married David Swan around 15 years ago and he moved into the residence with her. Neighbors said both victims were extremely friendly and outgoing.

The investigation continues. Anyone with any information is urged to contact Clearwater Police Department at (727) 562-4242.

[Feature Photo: David Swan, Mina Swan/Handout]

*Editor’s Note*: Corrections were made to reflect the correct spelling of the victim’s name, Mina Swan.