[Graphic Video] Watch group of teens beat, kick and drag 12-year-old boy before leaving with his sneakers

Authorities in California say a group of juvenile suspects attacked a 12-year-old to steal his sneakers in a violent beating captured by a nearby surveillance camera.

According to KCRA, all four teens were either 16 or 17 years old and were arrested several days after the incident Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred at about 4 p.m. as the victim was standing alongside his bicycle in the residential neighborhood on Swann Way in Elk Grove.

As the surveillance footage shows, one suspect was standing to one side of the preteen as three others walked up from the other.

The initial suspect can be seen pushing the boy to the ground as the others begin hitting and kicking him. With several items, including his shoes and cellphone, in their hands, police say the four suspects fled the scene in a nearby car.

Elk Grove police reportedly investigated the case through the weekend and located each of the suspects on Monday. They were all booked into Sacramento County Juvenile Hall a short time later.

A police statement confirmed the incident and recognized the community effort that resulted in the arrests.

“With the assistance of the community, witnesses and the work of our officers and detectives, we were able to identify all four juvenile suspects and took them into custody,” the media release stated.

Each of the four suspects were arrested on suspicion of criminal charges including robbery. One teen is also expected to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

[Featured image: KCRA, video screenshot]