Desperate search for Maine elementary school teacher who vanished without a trace

Police are searching for a woman who vanished mysteriously from her home on Sunday night, and her family has growing concerns about her well-being.

Kristin Westra, 47, was last seen at her North Yarmouth home on Sunday evening, according to ABC News. Her husband Jay Westra reported her missing at around 9 a.m. on Monday after he woke up to find she wasn’t there, and had left her wallet, keys and cell phone behind.

Cumberland County Capt. Scott Stewart told the news station that Kristin’s husband last saw her before he went to bed on Sunday.

The elementary school teacher was seen on a neighbor’s surveillance camera returning home from a run at about 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Kristin reportedly had been under some stress connected to home renovations and was having trouble sleeping. Her brotherĀ Eric Rohrbach told ABC News that Kristin’s husband believes she woke up in the night and moved to another room to try and sleep there.

When Jay Westra didn’t see his wife the next morning, he called her cell phone and found that it was still inside the house.

Kristin’s brother described her marriage to Jay as “fantastic” and that she is a great mother to her 9-year-old daughter and her 16-year-old stepson.

Rohrbach told the news station that KristinĀ  is”last person that would do something like this.”

“This is very abnormal,” he said.

Westra is 5-feet, 10-inches tall and and weighs 140 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown hair.

“The entire island right now is not breathing, wondering what is going on,” Rohrbach told ABC News.