[WATCH] Cops investigate after man threatens to kill his neighbor, self in city council meeting rant

Authorities in Florida are investigating threats one Edgewater man reportedly made during a recent city council meeting.

According to Fox News, 56-year-old Leonard Towsley continued a longstanding feud with his neighbor in a violent rant earlier this week directed at local leaders.

“He took full advantage of you peoples’ stupidity, arrogance and animosity and made you think that he could get, you could get away with doing his dirty work for him,” the man said, reportedly referring to William Hamilton.

Hamilton and Towsley had been engaged in a documented dispute over a walkway connecting their properties.

Towsley was charged with misdemeanors on three separate occasions last year after Hamilton reported him to police. None of the cases resulted in a prosecution.

During this week’s meeting, he alleged aimed his remark at two council members in particular as he threatened to kill his neighbor and himself.

“If you two lowlifes get re-elected, all hell’s going to break loose down there because I have reached my end,” he said, according to the video. “And I am about ready to kill that piece of s*** Hamilton, then I’m going to end up taking my own life.”

Towsley said the council members would “have to answer” for two dead bodies in the street if they failed to act.

“Do you two b****** want to go to prison because of him for a double murder?” he asked.

The Daytona Beach News Journal reported that officer escorted Towsley from the meeting. Further details were not immediately available.

[Featured image: Leonard Towsley, video screenshot]