After crashing car, intoxicated driver steals driver’s ed vehicle and crashes into fence: Cops

Authorities in Virginia say a man and woman were arrested after officers responded to an auto crash at an industrial plant.

According to WJHL, Joshua Edward Banks is expected to face criminal charges related to the theft of a driver’s education vehicle from a local high school.

Reports allege he stole the car from the Marion High School football stadium parking lot and could not figure out how to get out. At one point, police say he crashed into the gate at nearby General Dynamics in an attempt to exit the lot.

Banks allegedly stole the vehicle after crashing his car along an embankment near the school, as reported by WDBJ.

Officers on the scene reportedly witnessed the crash. Upon approaching the scene to investigate, police also saw the other car parked in a ditch nearby.

In addition to Banks, police arrested Nicole Mobley, who was behind the wheel of the other vehicle, on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Banks is expected to be charged with criminal counts related to DUI, felony vehicle theft and felony destruction of property.”

[Featured image: Joshua Edward Banks and Nicole Mobley, handout]